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This, myself, one after another (2015)
previously Our Last Picture

Created by Andréa de Keijzer in collaboration with Ariane Boulet, Joannie Douville, Audree Juteau, Robert Kingsbury, Arielle Warnke St-Pierre, Madeleine Shen, Cara Spooner and Ellen Furey
Interpreters | Ariane Boulet, Joannie Douville, Audree Juteau, Robert Kingsbury and Arielle Warnke St-Pierre
Sound and composition | Gabriel Vignola
Research and writing collaboration | Niomi Cherney and Erin Robinsong
Lighting design | François Marceau
Photos + Video | Yuula Benivolski
Mentorship | Kathy Casey, Claudine Robillard and Anne-Marie Guilmaine
Costumes | Marie-Christine Quenneville
Production | Je suis Julio + MAI
Supported by creation grant from Conseil des Arts et des Lettres de Québec, Mentorship grant from MAI and Conseil des Arts de Montréal, and Production grant from Canada Council for the Arts
Première | October 1,2,3, 2015 at MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)

This performance is not original. This performance is simply a copy. This performance is a document of the vanishing, melting, exploding selves I have been. To my right my five-year-old self. To my left myself in fifteen years. One looking at another, missing the middle, right here with me. Who are these ghosts of myself? How do you recognize the deaths of moments?

Cameras are always present, producing taxidermied instants. After four years of research in a hyper-photographed world, we offer This, myself, one after another, a pseudo-realist document composed of stolen, borrowed and manipulated extracts from Esthel Vogrig’s Mi última foto. Rather than starting from scratch, we have used Esthel’s work as a base, adding, changing, mutating and transforming until arriving at another place. Tonight we show you a solo for five, a portrait of impermanence, a dialogue between Mexico City and Montréal, a transposition of a work across bodies and cultures. By presenting these pieces side by side, we open the doors to our creative process and invite a re-examination of ‘originality’ and authorship in the making of performance.